1. How is the food prepared?

Our meat is carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers. Beef briskets and beef ribs are trimmed off excess fats, seasoned with our homemade dry rub, and smoked with hickory wood for up to 18 hours. The Iberico pork ribs and chicken are smoked with apple wood for up to 6 hours. Using our low and slow smoking technique, the meat turns out to be tender and full of of flavour that you can eat them without any sauces. If you would like to try the meats with sauces, we have our house-made sauce that is concocted using 13 types of ingredients that adds on to the taste.


2. What is the process that I should follow before eating?

Please follow the instructions here:




3. How do we decide on the pax count?

Every product has the pax count mentioned in our website. Please follow that.


4. How many days in advance should I order?

When you check-out for a food item, the delivery date options are given. Please note that smoked meat requires elaborate preparation. You will have to plan in advance if you have a party to organise in mind. Otherwise, our shipping policy is mentioned here:


5. What is the difference between Original (point end) and Lean (Fat)?

Point end is the more fatty part of the brisket, while flat is the leaner part.