About Us

Understanding there are not many good American Barbeques here in the urban jungle of Singapore.
What makes our smoked meats your best dining choice?
Our highly accomplished chef, Kian Tiong spend 10 years in the USA experiencing different barbeques. Drawing from his knowledge and exposures, he brought the recipes to Singapore and share his culinary skills here at 225SmokeHouse.
Our daily tasks in the kitchen include signature dry rubs on the meats and the constant monitoring of low heat to get the perfect texture. It is most necessary for us to import hickory and apple wood from the USA, which impart smoky, sweet, and nutty flavours when smoking.
Following the recipes from Kansas City and Texas, the smoking process is authentic as it can be, involving up to 18 hours of slow cooking through temperatures between 180 - 225°F.
This extensive period of cooking, as compared to direct heat such as grilling, results in a more tender, juicy piece of meat.
Look out for smoke rings - the pink-coloured meat that remains between the crust and the interior, brown-coloured meat signifies a true masterpiece of work by our talented chefs. Thus, the equation comprising temperature, time, and weight of the meat varies differently for pork, chicken, and fish.
You see, we have gone the extra mile to achieve that tender, moist, and fall-off-the-bone American BBQ!